How to make a quick and easy journal for traveling ~

I'm trying so hard not to explode...with getting to make another trip to Italy....leaving on a jet plane early Thursday morning. 

My bags are packed....traveling light....and decided I needed a simple lightweight journal for my day tripping back pack: 

And, since time is of the essence, it had to be made very's how:

Six sheets of copy paper, cut in half lengthwise will make 12 sheets 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".

One sheet of card stock....I had some textural colored card stock so took this sheet of blue and  folded the bottom up 2 /12". 

 Place your 12 sheets of copy paper over the book cover and cut off side excess.  A allowed my journal cover to extend beyond the paper 1/4" on all sides.   After trimming off excess,  stitch up the flap on each side of the journal to make pockets. 

 Find the middle of the journal and mark, then sew through all thicknesses. 
Tip:  A long stitch is best.  Now the journal looks like this. 

Fold in half and press.  Here you can see the side stitches where the flap is sewn in.

 So here it is...a finished journal.  Handy pockets on each side will hold cards and brochures I'll pick up each day to help me remember where I've been.  There are enough pages for me to make quick notes each day to help match up events with pictures after I get home. 

It's simple, lightweight and ready to travel. 

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