Sparrow Babe update:

He jumped (or fell) from the bird house!  and ruffled his feathers just a bit.....

decided he was a big boy now and jumped upon the chair rocker

and immediately fell off! 

as mom looked on in despair.....

I was hiding behind a bush and felt her pain as I heard her mumble something like Lord, help this child! 

From the PhotoHeart: 
Like children learning to walk, birds too have to take a dive, then pick themselves up again.  I wanted to help....but I know that some lessons must be learned the hard being.  Learning from life's struggles are lessons that will make us strong, allowing us to be. 


  1. Awwwww Marty, he is adorable, and how lucky you were to be able to capture this.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Awww, I hope he makes it. There are so many scary things for a little bird in this big world. Here we have plenty of cats in the neighborhood just waiting.... :((

  3. I felt so lucky to have this photo opportunity....such fun to watch them learn to stay aloft....earning their wings, so to speak!

  4. Sweet little sparrow! What a valuable perspective you bring to us with your words. I enjoyed this.

  5. A sweet little baby bird story. I like the way his mother watches on as he goes through new life experiences.

  6. Love your images and your words! You must have just been in the right place to capture these!! We do seem to go through some struggles before we fly, don't we?

  7. This is so true! A great capture of this little bird's exploration of the world, and Mom looking by. Where did we get the idea that we won't fall a few times as we grow? Thank you for sharing this in the Photo-Heart Connection. My apologies for the delay in coming by!


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