Pojagi Patchwork......a scarf

From Start:

I had a piece of yellow two sided fabric and it had no particular place to go!
With that in mind, I decided it would do it no harm to cut into more manageable pieces.
Having done that, I decided it needed to be re-sewn....in the pojagi patchwork fashion.
So, on and on we went until I had what seemed to be the length of a proper scarf. 
With both ends sewn together, we can cowl it around....either my neck or the neck of the handy dress form.  HuMan helped me take it outside for a better picture. 

To Finish:
 8" x 46" (92" before sewing the closure seam)
The beauty of pojagi is that (while there is a right and a wrong side) there is no right or wrong side! 


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