I woke up refreshed and full of energy....marked a couple of things off my must-get-done-now-list, so decided to sew/play.

First out was my Fourth of July modern mug rugs.  I know, a little early for the season, but I had this red, white and blue fabric at my fingertips.   Six completed!  6" x 6"

I  picked up a panel of unwanted fabric the other day at Tuesday Bees sit and sew day and decided to give myself the Christmas spirit.....five holiday hot pads finished before I could even say
Ho! Ho! Ho! 
Imagine someone not wanting this fabric!

Had to do a little piecing on the back of three of them, but I like their one-of-a-kind personality - gotta go!  Chill Out! 



  1. Hi there!!
    Just love your mug rugs, I am now inspired to make some myself!!!
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Yes, do make one, two or more. You'll love the process - it goes so quickly for that feeling of accomplishment. It just takes scraps!

  2. Scraps, I've got plenty ! ! !
    I love making hot pads just as much as sewing up mug rugs.

    Love those SnowMen



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