Sights at Hot Springs

We spent a few days in Hot Springs and came home energized:

It was his birthday so I decided that we deserved a break.  He decided on The Hamilton House, a bed and breakfast, on Lake Hamilton in Arkansas.  It was a good choice.   We lounged in our suite:

Enjoyed the Hamilton House Bed and Breakfast dining room view: 

and the music: 

Waded barefoot in the stream:

Had a picnic at a roadside park:  Taking time to listen to the leaves falling: 

Hung out on the Arlington Hotel veranda, enjoying the wine and beautiful weather:

Visited galleries, antique stores and flea markets:

We just thoroughly enjoyed the ride:

But it is so good to be home! 


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  1. Wow, Marty. I enjoyed the photo tour. At each stop I could "feel" your excitement and enjoyed being there. Isn't is wonderful to "hear" the leaves fall? That was beautiful! I want to go visit Northwest Arkansas this time of year. Oh heck. I don't want to visit. I think I could live there the rest of the life that God allows me. Thanks!


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