Strip Happy....Quilting on a Roll

As a rule, I don't buy jelly rolls (my mistake), but I did win a door prize jelly roll package last week!
As a rule, I don't purchase quilt books on how to make jelly roll quilts (my mistake), but I was given this Strip Happy Quilting on a Roll book by Donna Kinsey,  for hosting a meeting in my home last year. 
So, putting the things I don't usually do together was easy yesterday afternoon when I matched the package of jelly roll strips with the jelly roll book.
Added to the pleasure of the day was the border....Colors of the Wind by George Mendoza.  
 I think Margaret J. Miller, author of Smashing Sets, would approve of the use of the non-matching blue in the border!
On page 7 ~
In this book



  1. Besides are the next person I look to for inspiration of energy and always seem to be able to design/create beauty!

    I'm glad to say....I'm a friend of Marty Mason!

    I just wishe it could rub off on me....just a little........

  2. I have that book! Love your babycakes :D

  3. Nice! I love jelly roll quilts. Thanks for posting it.


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