NOoooooo Not A T-Shirt Quilt!

It's one of those never say never moments in the sewing room!  I was never going to be one of those quilters who had nothing to do but make a T-shirt quilt.........until last week!  But, you see, it's that time of year when I change the summer closet to the winter closet and all those Harley Davidson T-shirts were in my way, just seemingly taking up precious space.  I did ask the Harley man's permission to get rid of all those T-shirts and got his nod of approval.  He probably thought I was going to throw them in the trash....which in retrospect, perhaps, I should have done!  But in any event, I went to the fabric shop and bought the required amount of woven iron-on fusible (not cheap), cut the logos off the front and back - sleeves too - of all those shirts (took precious time) I'm rolling, rolling, rolling, got my motor running:

Twenty T-shirts, from across the country all made to be wild and free!

Did I tell you that I design quilt patterns too!  Here's my plan ~  it works for me!

I'll sash each Harley block with the Kona mustard and use the Kona blue as the cornerstones....will think about the back of this quilt when (if) I get that far along. 

 In the meantime, it's time to kick-start my day, hit the road and ride!   And never say never:  Oh, and if you see any typos, get over it....I'm in a hurry!


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  1. Major undertaking, isn't it!
    DD#2 made a T-shirt quilt with son's myriad stash of Ts.

    I've avoided even considering such a job. LOL

    Looks like you've everything well in hand, Marty.



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