The bloodhound - a photoshoot with the dog

He posed so prettily:  Just for me:  Okay, I'm not telling the truth!  I took about 50 pictures and got two good ones.  I really need a book on how to take pictures of dogs.  Unless they are asleep, they are moving and normally in the wrong direction.  Or, their tail is wagging wildly or they are in half bark with a screwed up face -  just like people.  So, you see, I feel totally lucky to have this one posed, perfectly still, with that half smile, giving me his best side, chin up, tongue in, both eyes open, just waiting for me to get it. 


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  1. Wonderful picture! Yes, our dog always runs toward me when she sees me lift my camera to take a shot of her. And the cats are worse... they crave mega-attention and I can never get good shots of them, either.


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