A Little Twister

Loving these little twister quilts, however!!!, today I had to stop and re-think my possibilities - my way of thinking about doll quilts.  After getting all my twister blocks put together, I had too may scraps left over to just chunk.  I sewed them together for an outer border....easy enough to do?  Right?  Well, that's when the twisting and shouting really started.   You see, I wanted the four corners to align perfectly with the quilt and it just wasn't gonna happen.  Finally I had to stop for my reality check.  It's just a doll quilt!

It's just a doll quilt and it's okay if the four corners don't exactly match!  Sure, it's okay.  So, there I've said it out loud, even announced it to all quilters (should they choose to read my post) that it's a doll quilt and to be quite honest, I don't really think the five year old or her baby doll will care, because I certainly don't care!  After ripping and re-ripping and measuring and re-measuring....I, truthfully, really don't care that the four corners don't match.  Really, I don't.

A little twister doll quilt 21" x 21"

Hope your Sunday is going well.  My neighbors are all out grilling for their soon-to-start Super Bowl party.  Now, I'm hungry!


  1. When my Quilting Daughter have a "quilt" sewing day our planning stage lasts waaaay too long.
    Together we OVER THINK just about everything.
    Alone we're fine.
    Go figure


  2. It's lovely just the way it is. It makes it truly original and special. ;)

  3. LOL. I think it bothers you that the four corners don't match. I'm psychic that way. :-D

    Marty, it's darling and she's going to love it. And trust me, she's not going to notice if it's square or not. I think the colors are awesome.

  4. LOL! I would've never noticed. But I do notice it's adorable.

  5. Thanks to all for your vote of confidence and understanding that when all else fails.....just get over it!


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