I'll name this post later ~

But for right now, I'm energized.  Wading into new water in Photoshop.  The window has always been there, but I've never opened it....until this morning.  It's called CONTENTS with so many choices:  content by shape or mood or color, object, seasons and more.

Wading into deep water, I took this picture of  Door No. 33....a beautiful doorway in Italy

Wood doorway in Italy

and this picture of my Skill Builder Block No. 3....EmDash that I finished yesterday.  

Skill Builder modern quilt block no. 3

I first, opened a new blank file with white background then brought in the EmDash picture.  Next, went to window, content, mood, and opened the mask of choice.  Grabbed my Door No. 33 picture and applied it.
On a roll now, I selected contents, objects and found the simple arrow and applied it then moved each layer into the perfect position.

EmDash was so new, modern and vibrant and I thought might make the perfect backdrop for the old, traditional and subdued door No. 33.  Combining the two was done with content mood rough mask 01 and further embellished with object arrow 03.

Just thought you'd want to know where I've been all morning!


  1. You do jump right in there, and way to go...

    I need to go back to PS been ignoring it too much.


  2. I know, Jen...so much to do, so little time!

  3. I'm curious to learn what I find on the other side of this door, Marty.

    Always fun when learning. Stretch the brain and fun wrapped into one



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