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Asbury Quilt by Thomas Knauer

One thing I learned in the Greg Case and Elena Morera photography tips demo at Quilt Con was to never cut the borders off in the picture of a quilt!!!  But cutting the border off this great quilt by Thomas Knauer  didn't stop me from using it in this post.

Thomas used the simple idea of making two patchwork blocks, cutting the sewn block diagonally, then sashing the triangles.  Now, is this traditional or modern quilting.  Does it matter?  

I wonder, am I a traditional quilt maker or a modern one.  Whose ego am I trying to boost?  Mine?  Does calling myself a modern quilter make me any younger?  Does the tag 'traditional quilt maker' mean that I am old-style?   You know what, this morning, I really don't care what you think of me or my quilts.  I love what I  make regardless of the style.  And, if I don't love it, then I just cut it up and start all over again!

How about you?   Do you make quilts that please yourself or do you make quilts that you are sure will fit nicely into a slot that might please others?   Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy for you.  Just don't pooh pooh my quilt or my style (with all the imperfections) just because it isn't yours.  

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