Have Project Storage Bag.....Will Travel

I've been away for a few days....quilting retreat.   Four days of  sewing fun spent with 18 kindred spirits.  We laughed and ate, sewed a bit,  then started all over again.  Caught a nap or two in between projects.
 ~ ~ ~ and, speaking of projects,  upon returning from my trip, I whipped up four project bags this afternoon.

vinyl mesh zippered travel bag

For a large project bag, start with an 18" x 36" piece of vinyl bag mesh.. I found mine at Quilteroo's Quilt Shop in Ruston, Louisiana.    You'll also need a 20" zipper.

Cut the vinyl into two pieces:  One piece should be cut 18" x 19" which leaves the other piece at 18" x 17".  Sew one side of the zipper to the top of the mesh, then the other side of the zipper to the top of the second piece of mesh.  

vinyl mesh zippered travel bag

Stay stitch across the end of the zipper so you can cut the excess length without the zipper unraveling on you. Cut the zipper even with the edge of fabric.   Unzip the zipper at least half way, I usually go as far as 3/4 because it's easier to turn the bag once finished.

vinyl mesh zippered travel bag

With right sides together pin the bottom first.  Now pin each side.  You can see that the zipper will be offset from the top of the bag which seems to make it easier to open.....and adds a design element to the bag.  Did I mention that I used  zippers of different colors than the vinyl mesh!

Starting at the top, stitch around the side, bottom and the other side.    Trim to round the bottom corners, turn and you are done.  Make as many bags as you have projects to keep yourself organized.

I made three sizes....the smallest (12" x 7")  for thread, scissors, rotary cutter and so on for when I travel,  the largest (17" x 17") for all the fabric, notions and pattern for each quilt project I have and the medium (10" x 17") for a crochet or knit project for the car.  One 18" x 36" mesh piece made the medium and small project bags.

vinyl mesh zippered travel bag

I need more vinyl mesh!


  1. That's a great idea. Much less bulky than a plastic box.

  2. Marty, these are great! So dang colorful.

    I used the pet screen that comes on a roll at Lowe's Home Improvement store
    Problem is that it comes in basic black only



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