Skill Builder BOM - blocks 3 and 4 COMPLETED

What a fun year I'm having since I presented myself the challenge of learning new techniques:  New sewing techniques, quilting techniques, photography, stamping, fabric making - so many new things with which to experiment.

I must admit that Alyssa presented me with a challenge on her Skill Builder blocks this month, but they are completed and I enjoyed the afternoon scratching my head over where to find the 58 degree line on my quilting ruler!!!!!

Enjoy Block No. 3 -  Em Dash:

Pile O' Fabrics Skill Builder BOM #3

And Block No. 4 - The Mood:  

Pile O' Fabrics Skill Builder BOM #4

I'll be off to Quilt Con on Wednesday and plan on meeting Alyssa in person.  I've so enjoyed her Pile O' Fabrics, so full of fabric, inspiration and how-to-do-its!

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