About binding a quilt ~

I'm bound and determined to get the binding right!  That is...right to suit me. 

I've been told so many things that must be considered in making the binding selection....it's no wonder my head is in a spin.  Some quilters say the binding fabric must be in your quilt top somewhere.  Some say it must match the front of the quilt and some say it must also match the quilt back.  Some say this, some say that!  Wait a minute...I don't have that much time on my hands so I just audition a few fabrics and make my selection based on what pleases me. 

I got my Streak of Lightning quilt back from one of my favorite long-arm quilters the other day. 

Streak of Lightning quilt....lots of half-square triangles

and set about deciding on the perfect finish:  the binding.

I first auditioned the red which I really liked but woe be the fabric stash...did not have enough. 

So, I moved on to the yellow and green stripe.  Very interesting!  I like this one too. 

Trying just one more....the yellow with a bit of a design became my binding of choice.  I can hear the quilt critics already shouting over the heads of each other to get the last critical word in.....

In spite of all that noise, this one wins out.  It's making me very happy....and this morning, that's all that counts. 


And another of my favorite bindings:  A black and white stripe....to frame my painted/stitched on Koi.  I am so inspired by the minimalist fabric and quilt designer, Yoshiko Jinzenji.  I stamped and painted to make my own fabric for this art quilt to meet the "Out of Asia" challenge for  Art Quilts Around the World.  

And the many colored bubbles was in the mood of my self-portrait!  Also a challenge quilt for Art Quilts Around the World.

This orange corn was just the perfect choice to finish off my improv curve art quilt. 

Every now and then, I will add a more subtle binding! Here's one....a green on green for Ribbit.  Since it was donated fabric and I had plenty of it....why not use it in the quilt AND in the binding.  As a matter of fact, it's on the back of the quilt too!  What's not to love about free? 

and another....orange you glad!  It's a two color quilt, so I had no reason to add a third color.   You see, sometimes I follow the rules....sometimes.

Another great week ahead. 


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