Just because it was there!

The day's almost over and I've just gotten my second wind. 

I know that just because the little piece of fabric with the design printed on...you know the kind.....was in my souvenirs-from-the-past-drawer, that I didn't have to act on it.  Some are printed with a teddy bear, some an elephant or giraffe, but in my case, it was "Scarlet" the doll.....with the dotted line drawn around  the printed pattern where the fabric is to be cut  You do know that just because you have scissors and stuffing and a bobbin filled with just the right color thread, that you don't actually have to make this little stuffed thingy.  You do know that.  Don't you?  So, do I.   

I've been shuffling this little pattern around for months.  Ever since Austin....QuiltCon.  I spun the wheel to get a prize in the Spoonflower booth and this was my prize.    It only took me a little while to cut, stitch and stuff. 

She's soooooooooo  darn cute. 

Cut on the dotted line, sew, stuff and enjoy


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