Let's Talk About Modern....

Ramona and I were invited to talk about the modern quilt movement at a local quilt guild last night.   As in any group, the reactions and opinions were diverse.    Some members were excited and could hardly wait to see what we had in the bag:   

and wanted to talk more about the modern quilt guild movement
Some gave it the .....'we'll wait and see' approach....making no commitment for fear of retribution from fellow traditional quilters.   Remember, we are a part of the country that is known as "We Are The Bible Belt and We are Traditional Quilters and We Don't Do Art Quilts Either"  (spoken in one breath in one sentence and no...this is not a run-on sentence!) 

Some were almost rude, never making eye-contact with any of the quilts on display or the speakers.  yawn -  yawn -  ho hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 


One was very open in admitting that she did not like nor enjoy anything about a modern quilt.  Take it away.  Away, I say! 

Most were open-minded with eyes and ears alert....eager to learn more about modern fabric, modern quilt patterns, improvisational quilting,  negative space, minimal color, maximum color,  on-line resources and modern quilt books and magazines.  Most seemed to enjoy the show of how traditional can be incorporated into modern to achieve a stunning modern quilt that doesn't go over the edge.   Most  seemed to enjoy the program. 

I hope Ramona and I opened the door for more conversation and interest about the modern quilt movement and how it is gaining momentum here in Louisiana.  We so enjoyed being invited and had a most delightful evening with quilters who are adamant about having fun all wrapped up in a quilt. 

and so I mused! 


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