At The Front Door

Here's looking at you....front door!  What was I thinking?

An Italian front door
I'm thinking the concrete boxes are actually the walls to the outdoor carport!  Italian style.  They drive the cutest little cars there and at the end of the day they just pull them into the tightest little places...not even looking back, they lock up and head into their homes.  That's what I'm thinking ~ that might happen at this front door. 

and every garden has an entry in Italy,,,at Lake Orta

and every garden has a front door...I just wanted to pick the lock to this front door, stroll around and enjoy the beauty I envisioned was behind these rock walls. 
The busier the front entry, the more inviting
The busier the front door, the more inviting.  So much to see, you just had to step in to enjoy the fullness of the small space beyond the front door. 
Do I go or do I stand here and think about it - at the front door. 
I haven't made it out my front door yet....but I'm getting there! 

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