- And I blog too

In conversation the other day I told a new acquaintance and scrapbook-er that I blogged.  She said she couldn't blog, she wasn't interesting enough.  And I've thought about her saying that ever since and I'm asking myself:  "Am I interesting enough to blog?"

I have a passionate interest in quilting.....quilting of any type.....art quilts, modern quilts,  traditional quilts.  Does being passionate about my quilting make me interesting enough to blog? 

quilts on the design wall

And I love puttering around in my back garden.  Relaxing in the swing room. 

swing room in the back garden

or watching the bumblebee gather pollen from the flowering sage in my herb garden,

bumblebee gathering pollen from flowering sage

and the elephant garlic heads following the sun,

giant elephant garlic heads following the sun
or just pondering over the clay pots... wondering what flora I should use.
empty clay pots ready for filling
But does being an avid gardener make me an interesting blogger?
And I enjoy a bit of traveling
around town

and in the country

But does being a traveler an interesting person make I? 
Oh, people....how I love to watch people.....but am I as interesting as this barber? 
or these folks waiting for the chef to open the restaurant door.  Would being among these interesting-looking people help me be a more interesting blogger? 
My good friends thread-sketched on fabric art cards took a vote and unanimously they agreed that while I can't always carry on an interesting conversation with adult or child 
 my imagination makes up for the lack of this social skill. 
It's agreed upon by the non-verbal members of the household  that one doesn't have to be interesting
to blog! 
I appreciate their quietly non-spoken vote of confidence!!! 
and I blog too
My name is Eugenia....I am a thread sketched fabric art card

My name is Molly ....I am a thread sketched fabric art card

My name is Peaches ....I am a thread sketched fabric art card

My name is Priscilla Lee ....I am a thread sketched fabric art card
Priscilla Lee
My name is Priscilla Lee ....I am a thread sketched fabric art card
Satchie Claudine

My name is Sara Jane ....I am a thread sketched fabric art card
Sara Jane 

My name is Willie May  ....I am a thread sketched fabric art card
Willie May


  1. Of course you are interesting enough to blog-love your work

  2. Robyn, I'll add your "yes" vote to my thread-sketched ladies votes. Now I know it for a fact....I am interesting enough to blog!

  3. Oh, yes! You are interesting enough. You quilt...enough said. LOL

  4. I'm voting YES as well. I just found your blog and joined. Loving those thread paintings. Molly looks a little like one of my granddaughters and the last like me.....:))


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