The Friday After The 4th of July - pictures

We had a most enjoyable Fourth of July here in Monroe where traditions abound.  One tradition, going on for the past 30 plus years,  is the 'parade' at Triangle Park  in  my neighborhood.  The young and old children don their patriot colors, hoof it or cycle it or cart it over to be a part of the parade.  The HuMAn and I walked over to enjoy the festivities yesterday morning and I came away with a few pictures. 

Dress Affair

Watch your step, Please!

Some had more fun than others!

Stars and Stripes

Love the son and father plaids. 

and his determination is priceless


And good friend and past president, John Quincy Adams aka Bubba Via, talked about the ways and means of our country prior to July 4th, 1776.

and a patriotic top of the hat to you ~


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