So, the bump is a boy!

What's his name?  The HUmAn of the house is more news aware than I, so each morning I ask....hey....what's his name?  And HumAN doesn't know yet.  Do you? 

vintage ceramic raggedy ann bookend
Here at home, I  asked Herman and he doesn't know ~  

bloodhound and the bro

 out in the country, the bloodhound and the bro don't know ~

on the lake, the cob and pen are curious....talking about the newborn ~  but his name?
No, we don't know.

On the street.....We haven't a clue ~ May be William, Charles, or Baby Blue Eyes. 

inal mutual admiration society

In front of the mirror ~ Mirror, mirror on the wall tell your secrets to us all ~

something to crow about

What we do know is that the bump, now the boy is giving the royal family something to crow about. 
So, what's his name? 


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