Busy with June and July Blocks of the Month ~

Once upon a time I laughed at people who proclaimed to have been busy.  You see, I thought busy-work was a way to add to one's self-importance.  "What have you been doing today?"  I might ask.  To which I got the response, "Oh, I've been busy."    

I finish the conversation....under my breath as I smile at this very important person......"Doing What?  Oh, never mind.  I really don't care what you've been doing today." 

Perhaps I should re-think my thoughts on busy work since I  got busy yesterday.  Busy catching up on my Gen X Sister's Ten BOM.  January, February  June and July (as the song goes).

June color ways 1 and 2 "Contrary Wife" Blocks with Brandon Mably and Kaffe Fassett fabric

Gen X Sister's Ten June BOM

Gen X Sister's Ten June BOM
July color ways 1 and 2 "Hattie's Trick" using the same fabric lines. 

Gen X Sister's Ten July BOM

Gen X Sister's Ten July BOM

That's seven months completed.....fourteen blocks...six more to go!  I can see a quilt coming together putting classic traditional quilt blocks in a modern setting.  Now,  that's worth being busy about. 


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