He just smiled.....

when he entered the sewing room this morning.  You see, I awoke early and after the first cup, decided it was time to make hot pads.  But first, I had to make the yardage!

I throw all my scraps into a bin, then pull and play when I'm ready to make yardage.  On the cutting board, I cut larger pieces into smaller ones, then mix and match, then it's off to the sewing machine

Gather scraps to make yardage

 where I chain piece all the sets I've put together over at the cutting station.

and then I give those seams a good press, using starch...lots of starch! Continue adding layers around until I have the size needed.   Square up, then layer the elements for the hot pad.  I trimmed to 9" square which gave me a finished 8"-8 1/2" hot pad. 

making yardage from scraps

Hot Pad Layer Order:
  • Top of hot pad, Right Side Up
  • Bottom of hot pad, Right Side Down
  • Heat resistant fabric, Right Side Down
  • Batting
  • Heat resistant fabric, Right Side Up
I like to use two layers of the heat resistant fabric so regardless of which side of my hot pad goes next to the hot pot, I am  protected.

If  adding a hanging loop as I did on this one,  cut a 5" length of 1/2" twill.  Make the loop and insert in a corner between the top and bottom layer, making sure the loop is inside the sandwich.....NOT OUTSIDE the seam allowance.

Now, all my layers are nestled and pinned and ready to be sewn together with 1/2" seam allowance, leaving a 3" opening to turn.  Trim excess off corners.  I also trim excess batting.  Turn, press and top stitch around the hot pad perimeter.  Quilt as desired.  

And here is the first one hot out from under the sewing needle.  When there's only a minute to sit and sew, making yardage and putting it into hot pads will make the day glow.  Not only did it put a smile on my face but on his too when he walked in and saw scraps strewn on every available surface. 

What?   There was a method to my morning madness! 

It's a scrap-happy hot pad...out of the sewing room and into the kitchen of Marty Mason


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