I didn't sew this week......but !

I've been giving it a lot of thought:

Alison Glass has a new fabric collection, "Clover Sunshine."  But I don't have that collection in my sewing cupboard!  What's a girl to do?

I found her free pattern on Andover Fabrics yesterday and immediately set about selecting just the right mix of fabrics for my cobblestones.  A great design for a remix of scraps left over from other projects.  All that is needed for this quilt top is 72-  9" x 10 1/2" rectangles.  Or something there about.  The way this one is cut and then sewn together, as long as the width of each rectangle is the same, just about any length would work well....4" all the way up to 10 1/2".  Can't wait to play with this one.

fabric for Andover free quilt pattern "Tiles"

It costs a little bit more for shipping, but this bundle was well worth the cost.  It's Anna Maria Horner's "True Colors" fat quarter bundle.  Sometimes, you just can't find the newer lines locally so when I find them online, I don't think twice about adding to my shopping cart.

Just couldn't resist ordering Anna Maria Horner's "True Colors" fat quarter bundle

A friend stopped by yesterday and gifted me with two of the newer modern quilting magazines.  AND, on the cover of  Issue #1 of Love Patchwork & Quilting  was Holly DeGroot's "The Plus Side."  I think my Anna Maria Horner fat quarter bundle will work beautifully.  Don't you? 

Issue No. 1 Patchwork and Quilting



and, while I didn't sew at all this week, it's been so much fun just planning out a few more projects. 
 Here is a picture of  a Valorie Wells quilt made with her Novella fabric collection....found at Free Spirit.  I picked this little card up last February while at Quilt Con and have been looking  for a way to put this quilt top together.     Well, here we go! 
Not Valorie Wells fabric, but just as wonderful is Tula Pink's Acacia .  Now, if I can figure out how!!!
and still browsing through Make It Modern.  The day isn't over. 


  1. The planning is a big part of the fun. :)

    1. As a matter of fact, Lois, it was a great bit of fun this week. It was a chance for me to dig into all my fabric and rethink the possibilities.


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