Lyrics to Live By: Give A Little

My upgrade to photoshop elements 12 tested my strength!

I finally made the jump - and what a jump it was.  More like a giant leap  backward.  I had become so familiar with my tried and true version of Photoshop....elements 7, that I didn't want to upgrade.  But, upgrade we must....times they are constantly a changin'.  So this afternoon, when I should have been addressing Christmas cards, I played around in my newest version....Photoshop Elements 12.  I had to start in kindergarten but did finally pass on into first grade.  I'm a slow learner! 

While it was quite by accident that I chose this picture taken in Italy last year to edit, as it turns out, it is quite fitting to my mood just now.  After two hours, I could use a sip....just a little bit, mind you, just a little bit!   Some lyrics are fun to live by.    Supertramp, one of my all-time favorite groups. 



  1. I will drink to that ... but it is coffee time.

    1. We'll meet for happy hour later in your day. In the meantime.....cheers!


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