Let there always be a plan ~

Just yesterday, I told my quilting friends that the one on the design wall was coming together beautifully, while deep in the back of my mind, I just wasn't sure.  I was really bored with it....already, and I had barely started.  Oh, it's not that I didn't like my 9" squares made from miscellaneous fabric scraps....I did.  But, however, and so forth:  I needed to enlarge my original plan. 

boosting the improv flavor....marty mason

Okay, there's always an alternate plan.  When I got home, I burrowed deep into the Malka Dubrawsky fabric stash and came up with three fabric choices from her Simple Marks collection for borders and sashing that pleased the eye.    Since I couldn't weed out any of the three, I just decided to put all three in.  What?  It's a modern improv quilt:  I can do with it what my imagination and fabric limitations will allow.  I've gotten started sewing the cypress sashing in and will continue to tweak the placement of the solid acid green and acid green circles.  Can you see where this plan is taking me? 

boosting the improv flavor....marty mason

You see, I'm not afraid to eat yogurt or hummus or do a lot of modern and improv quilting.   Some folks shy away from all three just because the words seem strange.   I just can't imagine!


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