It's cold outside, soup is on and the sun is out!

Life is good.  I've had these quilts finished and ready for pictures for two weeks!!!!! but there's been no good weather to get pictures taken. 

I'm so excited to have been a part of the Sisters' Ten Modern BOM, 2013.  I love my finished quilt....all quilted up by Theresa in one of her newly found long-arm modern quilting designs.  She called the design  'modern curves.' 

Sisters' Ten Modern BOM 2013 by Marty Mason

And, I'm as equally excited to have finished this modern nine-patch in shades of gray and cream and a touch of orange.   No quilt pattern required!

modern 9-patch by marty mason
Happiness is a finished quilt
sunshine in the day
soup on the stove
on a cold winter's day! 


  1. Love the modern sampler ... space for the eyes to rest and the quilting to shine.

    1. I thought it a great way to display two-of-a-kind sampler blocks. Certainly not my design, but I do love it.

  2. Great quilts. The curvy quilting is perfect on that first one.

    1. Yes, Val. Isn't that the greatest! So glad Theresa had it in her quilting design portfolio.

  3. I'm always storing up the inspiration from looking at other bloggers quilts. Loving these.


  4. Hi there! I am writing a post on Sisters' Ten BOM finished done by You (the participants). I love what you did with this quilt!! May I feature your quilt finish picture (with a link to your flickr or blog of course)??

    Let me know. I plan to post later this week I hope!

    Thank you so much for participating. Your finish looks wonderful!!!


  5. Annemarie....a resounding YES, you may use my picture.
    And, may I add what a delightful time I had in 2013 working on your BOM. And, then to run out of background fabric, I just about panicked. But, in the end, I could not be more pleased with the way the white linen showcased the blue linen I had originally planned on using throughout the year.
    I look forward to seeing all the participant's quilts.


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