Rectangles: How Square ~

I was thinking one day not too long ago about how much I enjoy half-squares and how much this little square with not much of a personality by its' self, when put with other blocks, makes a quilt top just sing. 

But wait.....this post isn't about half-squares!  We are into half-rectangles....also a triangle! 

It was a totally scrap-happy day spent cutting up all these rectangles then re-stitching into half rectangle triangles.  

Just a sampling of what's to come:

half-rectangle triangle, oh, my!
Let's Go Sailing!

half-rectangle triangle, oh, my!
Sky Diving Anyone?

half-rectangle triangle, oh, my!
Oh, Go Fly A Kite!

Modern take on the half-rectangle triangle
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World

I'm running out of fabric scraps, but not ideas on how to arrange all those half-rectangle triangles.  Remember, when in doubt grab a scrap!   Any Scrap, Any Way, Any How ~  doesn't matter the size, it works. 



  1. "Any Scrap, Any Way, Any How ~ " I love your humor! This will be a fun quilt no matter what it wants! Seriously, I'm loving those bright colors.

  2. I've never - never! heard anyone say: I'm running out of scraps! So you must be a really scrappy lady! :-)


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