funny things happen on the way to my zoo ~

Some days are more zoo like than others.   I decided yesterday that if Luke Haynes could make a quilt with paper, then so could I.  I bought a bolt of light weight stabilizer yesterday while out with my 40% off coupon.  The stabilizer, I'm told, must be used on all paper before putting into a quilt.  And, NO, even with stabilizer, I can't wash my quilt made with paper, so I'll probably keep it small - more wall hanging size rather than bed cover size!

I've also been getting lots of paper in the mail and have been saving my old paperback books and have been collecting little tickets and claim checks and maps and sales receipts and whatever paper products I can claim as my own to tear, glue, paint or sew on at my discretion, in what I imagine would be the Luke Haynes' style. 

In an improv fashion this morning, I stitched up a 12" x 20" paper block, using all the above-mentioned paper.    I then found scraps of silk and loose thread to indiscriminately glue on top of the paper.....ornamental only.  I equated this to be like applique attached to a traditional quilt. 

paper improv quilt block

While waiting for all this to dry, I decided to practice taking pictures with my new phone.  The one that is secured with my thumb print.  Over and over I tried and FINALLY  that damned smart phone decided that it didn't recognize my thumb print.   But it was the same thumb I used this morning to open that damned smart phone!

 Like anyone in my shoes would be doing about this time, I looked at my thumb to see what has changed about it in the past hour. 

Ooops....error message.....cannot read thumb with glue smudging the owner's real and original print.   To correct the problem, wash hands and use clean thumb to re-try entry into smart phone. 

Funny things happen on the way to my zoo ~



  1. Haha, my computer has one of those readers. I've never had a glue problem, but I do consistently forget that it takes 3/4 of a finger to get a reading. "Please try using a long finger stroke" just about eats me up! "Aww, I did. I did. Stop being such a stupid computer!" I tell it. Electronics must hear in a different register.

    1. My smart phone lady voice keeps wanting to know what she can help me with.....and once or twice, has even called me by name wanting to know how she can help, and all the time I am in a loud voice telling her I want my phone opened. If she knows who I am, then she should also be able to identify my thumb print....wouldn't one think!


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