it's not unusual ~

It's not unusual for me to start off on one page - you know the route - your list - of things-to-do - the things that really, really should get done today list.....where I started this morning!  

  And then the route changed.  But that's not unusual. 

ColorBoard No. 31 The Improv Orange Peel original to Marty Mason
I loved how easily ColorBoard No. 31 was made with Playcrafts color palette builder
It's not unusual for me to wake up in a playful frame of mind. 
It's not unusual at all for me to chuck the real to-do list and
make one that is much more fun. 
 It's not the least bit unusual for my blog post title, picture and  narrative to have no relationship one to the other.
No. 1 on my to-do list is to wish for you a  
day filled with good cheer. 

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