Now you see you don't ~

I'm so lucky.  Being a winner and all that jazz. 

handmade sewing machine cover

Until recently, I've been battling cat dander and cat hair and I  won't mention household dust,  on my sewing machine. 

Juki TL 2010 sewing machine
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It's not really a long story; however, I could make it such, but I won't.  My local quilting club needed money, desperately, but didn't really have a plan on how to put more money in the bank until several of us visited Patience Quilt Guild in Alexandria, Louisiana, wherein, we learned that members of their guild volunteered to donate a handmade item each month and the gifted item was raffled off to benefit the guild.  We came home exilerated with the idea and put it to work.  We've raised quite the sum!  What quilter doesn't want money in the bank to spend on teachers, playdays, retreats, workshops, road trips and other fun quilting stuff. 

I told you I would keep this short......I needed a sewing machine cover and Ethel volunteered to donate the handmade raffle project for June.  I told her that I had coveted her sewing machine cover she made at a quilting retreat earlier in the year, and that if she would make one for the raffle, it would be MINE.    Sure enough, honestly and no cheating, I won it fair and ticket was pulled out of the hat.  YEA! and YEA again. 

Thank you Ethel.
It is a perfect fit.  My Juki is now dressed to the nines! and I'm smiling happy even though Kitty is NOT.    She loved having that visible spool of thread ready to wrap her tail around. 

Life's hard, Kitty.  Embrace the moment and be happy you are an adopted cat with fabric scraps in your Walmart pillow case on your quilted sofa bed!  




  1. Isn't it exciting when you are the recipient of the handmade gift? I need to make a couple of sewing machine covers for myself.

    1. I need one more Vicki.....but winning this one really helped me get closer to my goal.


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