Hot Off The Press

News Alert - Hot off the press. It's too hot to be outside this afternoon....dearest skipped the country, so I've been webbing.

I didn't know this....but NOW we do....RIT DYE has a custom color page. How thoughtful of them.

I printed the chart and can't wait to do some experimenting. And, how handy that I can mix the powders and keep ready for use. I made a big RIT purchase several weeks ago and didn't know where to start. Well, now I do.

I think I'll start by dying some scraps of cotton batting left over from quilting projects. Several months ago I found a tutorial from Painted Thread's Projects on how to use dyed cotton batting to make little pillows. Thank goodness I printed a copy 'cause it was gone today when I went to look on the web page. But go look anyway...Judy is one talented lady. She always has a project on the table!

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