Photos In My Camera

I'm flawed.......One eye sits higher on my face than the other. But I understand from photographers that this is a common flaw.

I have a chin hair that I must constantly pluck!!

More often than not, I have dirt under my fingernails AND

I have photos taken all week long that are STILL waiting to be uploaded HERE.

On a lighter note (no pun intended), I am back on my regular exercise program. It's been a struggle, but have worked back up to four cardio mornings a week. I'll get back to yoga soon! After five months of nada, I have lost all my muscle tone and strength. Yoga is a really non-boring way to build back up. Anyway...

Happy Father's Day. I think dearest and I will buck the heat and humidity and take a bike ride this afternoon. Perhaps I can get more photos and make the decision to do something WITH THEM.



  1. GEE! It seems we have the same issue with pictures stuck in the camera!! I loved the days when you snapped the photo, dropped off the film, and then had pictures in your hand. Digital really does have advantages, but it sure saps a chunk of my TIME to deal with them.

    I've decided pictures with the blog posts are highly over rated (Not really, but I keep telling myself that so I don't feel guilty for not including them!).

  2. LOL I have chin hair too - ROFL. It's a family curse! My sisters and I are never without a mirror and tweezers. :D Although waxing is sometimes a necessay precaution too. LOL

    As far as my camera goes I just want a better one that will make me want to get the pictures off of it - LOL


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