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I had a mental breakthrough yesterday....You've probably made this discovery. I'm a little slow. When I go exercise, I can't blog. When I'm sewing, I can't blog. When I'm making stamps, I can't blog. And, when I'm stamping note cards and fabric with my new stamps, I can't blog. So, it's now late afternoon and here's what I did today...
1. coffee
2. breakfast
3. exercise
4. lunch
5. makin' stamps and a stampin' em
Here's the stamp...

and here's the front of the note card I made with it...
and here's the back of said note card...
No need to picture the's blank!

And here's another stamp...It's hard to tell, but it's a flower cut out of an eraser.

And here is a piece of muslin I stamped. A real flower garden!!

And another stamp...oh, drat, I didn't get a picture of it. Oh well, here's muslin flower garden using this stamp and the eraser flower stamp.

And another one

just swimming along with friends....

And last one...stamp is made, but the stampin' is a work in progress...

I've clearly had too much fun. So, now I'm off to dinner. We're having a "shrimp delight" salad. Shredded lettuce, a quartered boiled egg with lots of boiled shrimp piled on top. A local restaurant makes the most "delightful" sauce. So dearest stopped by today for a pint. Dollop the "delight" on top and there you have it. Dinner is served!!


  1. Feedsack Fantasy6/03/2009 8:09 PM

    As always, I continue to be amazed with your creations ... and a sponge, hmmmm! Who would have thought~ TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Marty, you work of late is beautiful. I love the stamping results. Thank you for your visit to Apron Strings. I'm taking a few minutes this morning to visit a few of my favorite blogs. Have beautiful Saturday. oxo

  3. Thank you Marydon and Judy.....As always, so nice to hear your sweet voices. And a great weekend to you. The sun is shining this Saturday morning and the sewing machine is whirring. Show you later.


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