Neuter or Spay Your Animals

Dearest and I had occasion to celebrate sister Sandy's birthday last weekend and I got lots of family pictures. I shared some of the pictures with sister, Capra, yesterday. Here's one of them along with my comments of the moment...

Click to enlarge...they are precious.

Baby in all...I think. Both mom and pop cats have not been fixed, but then nothing seems to be broken. I spoke with kitty's owner about this and her comment was that every time she spends money on an animal it winds up dead or disappears. Reason enough not to fix what is not yet broken. That's her story and she says she sticking to it!! I dearly love my dear niece, but certainly hope the rest of the world doesn't share her sentiment. As we were leaving, she asked if we wanted a kitten...they were FREE for the taking. Like I say, I love her in spite of herself!


  1. Marty,
    I heartily agree - spay or neuter. In Union Parish we have dumpsters and people drop off litters nearby or maybe the animals find the dumpsters. It's sad and we don't have a leash law here or an animal shelter but I've joined the local humane society and we're working to change that.

  2. Yes, sad, and it's the helpless creatures who suffer dearly. There are several apartments near our house and we always have a community of left behinds.

  3. About the only good thing about those kittens are that they won't join the ferals in my area, who join the local pets to fight in our yard, sometimes the patio just outside the door!
    Judy b

  4. They are cuties! Nope, I don't need any more either... 3 spayed females is enough for one household. Now to get the new dog fixed before she shows us that SHE is not BROKEN!


  5. Hurry, Kat. Those young sprouts start "feeling their oats" a little young these days!!


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