Nesting Boxes and Note Cards

I must have the mullygrubs (as my ole granpappy use to say). It's been three days and I still can't think of a thing to say. Did get another purse made yesterday and more fabric nesting boxes made this morning. This is the second set of nesting boxes I've made. I love putting little "nothings" in them to give as gifts to treasured children. And I like to think they would make the most delightful tooth fairy box.

The first one is 1" square and they increase in size by 1/4". I stopped at 6 in this grouping (simply because I ran out of fabric). Must remember to start with a little larger scrap 'cause I like to make the largest to be a 3" box. But this little scrap just would not stretch any more.

Has it been so long of my first nesting boxes were posted on April 10.

Oh, and almost forgot about Saturday's project....more note cards. Here's the front...

and back....

and bundled ready to go....

Now, there you go, I'm feeling more like myself. All I really needed to do was turn the computer on and the blog just rolls....Marty


  1. Feedsack Fantasy6/01/2009 5:34 PM

    Are these note cards done in threads? What a darling set they are. You just keep me fascinated with your creations ... TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. those little boxes are adorable!

  3. Yes...Marydon, I stitched the design in cardstock, scanned, then printed. I wanted the actual thread on the card stock, but the bobbin side looked pretty tacky, so this was my alternative. As always, TTFN back to you.

  4. Thanks, much fun to make....I finished another set this morning so hope to get pics done of them soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I really admire your diversity and artistry. I, however, should and will venture no further than stick people with clothes on.


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