Happy New Year - I resolve to

Go for the gold.....but I'm still enjoying working with aqua and orange. No picture available yet but I resolve to get one posted really soon.

And red with white....lots of white!

And red with black....lots of black!

And red and black and white....lots of each!

A Freddy Moran quilt pattern. Well, its actually two of her patterns I combined. I used one of her patterns to make the houses, then another pattern to set each block on point and finish with the pieced 2" squares for the set-in triangles. Tedious to make? Yes!

And then there is pink and brown. Can't use this anywhere in my house (not my colors), but I do like this quilt. I really, really like this quilt. "At Piece With Time." Available at Marty's Fiber Musings.

Getting closer to gold - "Hold the Mustard....Please" a major mix of mustard color fabric put into one little collage. This is part of my art quilt series "Studies in Mustard."

And another one in the series - "Mustard Seeds"

So, how am I going to go for the gold when I have these other colors in my stash. I could buy gold....not hardly! All this leads me to my new year's resolution.

I resolve to stretch this year...venture outside my comfort zone. I think I should dye fabric. I could get the gold in there somewhere. I should do more fabric stamping. Yes, I could use lots of gold paint here.

But, I don't like resolutions. They can be such a monkey on one's back. Not that I don't need to change some of my habits....I really do. I won't even begin to go there...not enough space. So, I'm simply going to resolve to make the most of what I'm given this year.

Happy New Year Everyone. What a great year 2010 will be.

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  1. Those setting triangles might have been tedious to make, but the result is FANTASTIC. That is one happy quilt!


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