And my cornbread still tastes good!

I don't cut my cornbread into pie wedges  - and it's still delicious!

The HuMAn grew up in a home that had a housekeeper who cooked for the family!!!  And she cut the cornbread in pie shape wedges.  He was shocked to learn that my family was rural poor and if we didn't do it, then it didn't get done.  Thus, whoever cut the cornbread....well, they just cut the cornbread until it was cut!  Didn't matter how it was cut, it still tasted good. 
  And, what did you have for lunch?  It was steamed turnips, sauteed onion and yellow squash and cornbread for me.  Gifted squash....thanks Ethel.  Life is easy, just a tad of canola oil in a skillet, saute onion and squash for a few minutes then add a wee bit of water and let the squash simmer until done.  Minimal salt and cracked black pepper.   

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  1. YUMMO!! I think it is about time for some cornbread!


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