And so I sew.....quilted hotpads!

A friend wants me to make her some hotpads out of blue stripe and red stripe ticking....and she wants them to have binding around the edge, but she didn't want the hanging hooks (thank goodness!)  Like Norm, I often like to make a prototype before I consider cutting and sewing the real fabric.  And so, here are a couple of hotpads:  one is 7" diameter, the other 8 1/2"!  Oh, not a waste of fabric at all! Now I have some nice fresh ones for my kitchen.  I'm now ready to stitch up the red and blue stripe ticking. 

Yes, I made a new brush in photoshop.....did you notice my butterfly in flight? I think I'll make this my signature stamp ~



  1. I think the fabric you used for the samples is beautiful. Round is good. The binding is finished off very nicely. I checked out some quilts in your past posts. I like the diagonal looking half square one. It never ceases to amaze me how different arrangement of the blocks changes the the overall pattern so much. I love the stripy effect you made.

  2. I like it, and you are so talented.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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