Photos from vacation

View from Bayview Market

Owner/Chef Dockside Bistro - Laurie Nguyen prepared a most delicious meal at the Bayview Cooking School. Seared scallops with curried sauce, asian slaw with bamboo rice, beef tendorloin skewers and much more.  Not a meal for the faint of heart!

Shipwreck Beads

Where the beads are embedded in the sidewalk - makes quite a beading statement!
I needed no encouragement.....

Then we were off to Dockside Bistro on the dockside of Budd Bay for lunch.  The doorway reflections give you a hint of the beauty of it all. 
Arrived in Olympia, Washington, Sunday afternoon and it's already Wednesday.  Full days and they will only get better.

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  1. Was thinking of you today as I was sewing 1600 inches of jelly roll together. Love the pictures. I so want to make a trip to Seattle, WA. Have fun. Love your pics.


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