Are You A "No-Reply" Blogger?

It was a complete surprise to me several months ago when a blogger friend emailed me to say....with shock and an exclamation point......I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE A NO-REPLY BLOGGER!

I was shocked too to get this, Marty In Motion, the photographer with Reflections Unfurling....Marty's Fiber Musings!  A No-Reply person!  But, truly I was....when I went to my Blogger profile and found sure enough, not knowing how or when or who did this to me, in my face, my settings were set for a NO-REPLY. 

simply square button
The more I asked around, the more  bloggers I found, like myself, that weren't aware what this means....but what it means, is that it cuts a part of us off from the blogging community.  And that's why I blog!  To be a part of the blogging community.  How about you?   
Now, having said that, click the button to read how Pleasant Home tells us how to correct the NO-REPLY blogger problem, while answering questions and debunking a lot of myths about going public with an email address.    My thought after reading this post:  WOW....I didn't know that.  
 The more I know, the more I grow.....


  1. YOu know I am a reply Blogger reader...........mmmmmmmmmm, I want everyone to know what I think

  2. Good morning and good for you Karla!

  3. And just to add to the confusion Wordpress bloggers (and I'm sure others) show as no reply on Blogspot. Protecting their turf much?!

    1. Being a no-reply blogger isn't really as horrible as blogger makes it out to be....just means you don't get notification in your email....and that's not necessarily a bad thing. You can probably click on the option to notify yourself by email if there is a reply to your comment. There's usually a way around every bump in the road.


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