Why do we want what we don't have?

I want to be a great blogger....to have a blog post every day, but time just won't always let me get my way, so today I dug back into my archieves and brought forward one of particular interest (to me). 

Hope you enjoy thoughts from my past....definitely a mixed bag!

I'm a FOX person....no CBS or NBC or CNN for me. While I don't want to use my blog to discuss politics....my news channel choice probably gives you a huge hint as to my conservative vs liberal position.  And, a hint that I like to be more entertained while listening to the news rather than learn from the news. 

But this is not about politics today...it's about why do we want what we don't have?

Caesar AKA The Dog Whisperer was on Fox and Friends this morning and was taking questions from the viewers. One viewer had a dog that barked when someone came near the house and wanted to know how to stop the dog from barking. The next viewer's question dealt with a dog who never barked and the owner wanted his dog to provide a warning bark when someone was on his property.

I often have the same dilemma - well, not about a barking dog or a cat's meow, but about my hair color. If it has a red tint, I think I need to go more brown. Now that it's more brown, I think it is too dark so need to get some blond highlights in it. My hairdresser says my card has more color changes than any of his other patrons. Dissatisfaction with what I am is beginning to get expensive.

Good news. I got a custom quilt order yesterday. While I profess NEVER to do custom - I think I can do this one. My problem with making a special request quilt is that I'm afraid the payee and the sewee aren't envisioning the same quilt. What if I make a quilt to the payee's instructions and it's not exactly what they envision. What if it is too dark or too light....too bright or too dull. What if payee pays the sewee, but then puts the word out that the sewee's work is not satisfactory. Word-of-mouth advertising is a great way to promote a shop...but it can also be a killer. Anyway, I really think the payee and sewee are seeing the same quilt. Not a big job, so I'll take a chance that our visions mesh.

Which bring me to another dilemma...I have only one design wall and it normally has a work in progress on it. Well, this morning I had all my little 4-patch quilt blocks on the wall but I wanted to start work on the custom. I've spent several hours getting the 4-patches in just the right place. So, what's a sewee to do??? Yep, you got it...my blog post has been delayed today. I've been sewing up the quilt on my design wall. I did correct the turned 4 patch in the top right corner!! Hey, the best of both worlds....I have a finished quilt top and can now start the one I wanted to start last night!

On the design wall....

Wanna be on the design wall....

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