Bluestorm Agapanthus in Fiesta Vase

The Bluestorm just made it to a real gardener's attention.  Lisa Hutchurson, a news contributor to Tesselaar, emailed me the other day asking if it was okay to use one of my pictures for an upcoming news release.  What?  Of course, it's okay!  Could there have been any other response! 

And it's now officially included in the latest Tesselaar News Release.  Both the agaphanthus and I are very proud to help answer the question....what's the next big garden trend?   Experts are betting  it's gonna be cutting gardens!   Cutting gardens aren't new to this novice gardener.   I've been supplying flowers to weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties and luncheon tables since the early 1970's.  As a young gardener, I just enjoyed the pleasure of any kind of flower and did my darnedest to get just about any kind of flower to grow in this Louisiana heat and humidity.   I've since narrowed my scope to the ones that require less toil and trouble.   What a resource Tesselaar would have been to me way back then. 


Agapanthus aka Lily of the Nile are a scrumptious way to wow the neighborhood as a stay-in-the-garden flower spike or as a take-me-inside cut flower.  On long stalks, they can accommodate a very large vase or  as I've photographed, a very small, skinny one as displayed in my vintage blue Fiesta vase. 

Blue flowers are not the most common flower color so when I found these at my local gardener's, I decided they would make a nice statement and blend wonderfully in my cutting garden.   They delight me for at least two months each spring into summer.  And  the hummingbirds and butterflies and bees all sing their praises as they frolic in and out of the blue. 

While it's not the easiest job in the world to dig, agapanthus love to be shared.  As a matter of fact,  they thrive when I dig a cluster, split into two or more sections and share either in another part of my garden or with friend gardeners.   Down here in the south, we call them pass-along plants....and I've definitely passed along my fair share of these delightful Bluestorm agapanthus. 

And another blue favorite to add color to a bouquet or share with friends is my liriope muscari 'variegata'.  It's an almost foolproof plant that endures heat, drought, full sun or shade.  Just remember not to overlook the most unassuming blue floral. 

If life must be blue, then let it be filled with blue from your cutting garden.


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  1. I love both of these flowers too ... they grow well in South Australia with plenty of heat but no humidity.


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