I have nothing against June Tailor

making money off me; however, after checking the prices of a new June Tailor pressing board, and not to mention that I couldn't find the 18" x 24" size I wanted, I decided to cover my extremely over-used and grungy, but still very useful and full of life pressing board....using pre-washed blue denim.


Measure width of pressing board (short side to short side) and add 3 inches.  Cut this dimension on the width of fabric.  Fold in half, selvage edge toward selvage edge,  with right sides together, stitch up one side.  I used a generous 1/2" seam allowance.  Now, insert your pressing board and adjust very snugly and mark the second stitching line.  Remove presssing board and stitch along marked line.   Now, you've made a fabric envelope. 

Check to see that the pressing board fits snugly inside the envelope.  If not snug enough, just stitch again inside the previous stitching line until you get just the right fit.    

Now fold in the corners, fold the fabric back over the hard side of the pressing board and staple.  I frighten easily, so elicited the help of the electric tool man of the house to finish the job for me.   

My width of fabric was 44", so I didn't have enough excess to trim....I just folded and stapled, leaving the selvages on so there will be no frayed or raveling edges.  This envelope style cover requires the least amount of stapling.   I like it!  Hmmmmmm fresh as sunshine. 






  1. You are just to frugal...............

    1. .....and I also buy the cheapest iron I can find! cheep cheep

  2. Frugal keeps those pennies in the pocket, where they can make dollars.

    Great idea.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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