Excerpts worth mentioning ~

from a book I just put down:  Kerry Greenwood's  Earthly Delights

A quote and thoughts from Corinna Chapman, the main character in Earthly Delights,  on weighing heavy ~

"My mantra is that I am fat because I am fat and there is not a lot I can do about it.  We are famine survivors, we fat women, and ought to be valued for it.  We must have been very useful when everyone else collapsed with starvation.  We would have been able to sow the crop, feed the babies and keep the tribe alive until spring came.  If you breed us out, what will you do when the bad times come again?  At the very least, you could always eat us.  I reckon I'd feed a family of six for a month.  Properly pickled, salted and cooked, of course." 

and another thing:

"There was a reason why the oldest depiction of a human is the Venue of Willendors, a huge fat woman.  We were genetically designed to keep our tribe alive so that the thin people could be born.  So be nice.  Or at least shut up about it.  Every time I turn on a TV I see (1) a car ad and then (2) some simpering female telling me how wonderful she feels now she's thinner, just send lots of money.  Then I snort and turn on cable.  If you want to believe some lies, believe the one about how getting a new car will make you a fantastic driver and instantly attractive to tall willowy women in bikinis.  It's probably more true."

Earthly Delights.....about a bakery in The City of Melbourne and its owner. Corinna Chapman gave up her accounting job to open her bakery where she is happily making and selling her doughy delights.

This book is a work of fiction, so why am I gaining weight just thinking about the aroma of her breads and muffins she's about to pop out of her oven?

.....and another thing, just to clear the air, like Sue Ellen's girl,  I'm not fat, I just weigh heavy.  But that's another story for another day when we visit with Louisiana author Shellie Tomlinson

.....and now that I've licked my plate clean and they've taken it away,
 I can get on with my day!



  1. And where was the "spew" warning for that post, my dear friend? "I reckon I'd feed a family of six for a month. Properly pickled, salted and cooked, of course." Too funny!

    I hate to disagree with her, but "thin" is feeling pretty good on me... 38 pounds down and more to go. Why visit heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, etc. (which are all things my mom is battling due to her eating habits) if you can avoid those by reigning in and changing to a healthy lifestyle? Now... I'm off my soap box.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Very proud of you....38 pounds, wowzer, that is a great number of fat goblins. I'm still hopeful I'll get a grip of my eating habits SOON!


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