If Bubba can, then I can too!

"Well, he saw it on t.v.
and ordered that video!
He learned every step at home
     and never told a soul."

If Bubba can dance, then I can learn to play the dulcimer. 

However, it will take more than a video....you see, I am musically challenged.  That means I can't read music, can't carry a tune, can't sit down and play by ear, don't even know where to put my fingers on the boards or strings, or how to hold the bow or how to fit my mouth around the horn or how to breathe from my diaphragm (which I understand is a requirement to sing a song or play the flute.)  

So, pictures are all I have of the play day.    Just don't believe everything you see in a picture. 


Kristi can play her dulcimer and what a delight it was to hear her strum. 


  1. We had a great day. We need more...........Ha

    I feel a play day coming to my house........SOON!

  2. Marty you don't need a video...you NEED a dulcimer!


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