What's not to love about Gloria?

I just learned something about a friend I made while last on a trip to Italy.  Gloria Bowman is a writer/contributor for Home Projectionist and is currently working on a collection of short stories.  She has written a love story about women who are childless by choice, and loving it - Human Slices - available in print or Kindle through Amazon.com

 Revisiting memories in Italy.  Several of us at breakfast in Levanto.  Hotel Albergo Primavera, where Carlo, the owner, is a great cook.  Gloria is in the blue shirt at the far end of the table.  

and here's Gloria and Nancy with the pastry chef.  What a barrel of laughs we had at the cooking school somewhere in Umbria.  Or was it Tuscany?    Real champion pastry makers - these two were! 

Italy 2012....it was a trip to remember and so were the 22 other folks on the tour with me.


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  1. What fun! And, the picture of the doorway (last image) and building is wonderful!


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