The Polls Are Open: The Quilting Gallery Polls, that is!

It's time to go VOTE.........on quilts with dots, checks, stripes  at The Quilting Gallery.

I entered my Birdhouses On A Lark quilt because, as you can see,  it is full of dots, checks and stripes and the quilt, in all its exuberant color, would love to have your vote.  What say you?   Voting is open until Monday October 29 @ 8 a.m.  Every paper-pieced bird house and I thank(s) you.

The Quilting Gallery awaits you!  Vote, then scroll and enjoy your visit to this fun-filled blog. 



  1. I love this quilt. I vote for Marty to be the winner.

  2. Thanks Ethel....I appreciate your vote.

  3. You got my vote. ;) Been there, done that.


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