Playing with modern quilt guild logo

Today's playful photoshop moment, merging my modern swap blocks with some bold block print to help me decide on the name of our new modern quilt guild here in Louisiana.  We are in the nothern part of the state and more narrowly located, the northeastern part of Louisiana. 

Here is yesterday's  playful moment.....I'm undecided about the name.  Do I want Northeast Louisiana
or does North Louisiana have the best feel?  Do I care  one way or the other?  Not really; however.....I really like North Louisiana better.  Now, there, I've made my decision.  But I'll go along with whatever name the majority of the group wants for us. 

I even like the simplicity of the logo I made for the flyer for our next meeting: 


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  1. My only thought is to avoid limiting membership by using a name that is tooooo local. "North" might be better than "Northeast." But, perhaps that is not an issue....


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