When all else fails,make pot holders or hot pads!

Well, actually, nothing has failed today, but I did make pot holders/hot pads to cheer up my kitchen.

I had enough of this home dec fabric to make five round hot pads, each approximately 7" diameter. 
Here's how.  I took one of my kitchen bowls and made a card stock template 8" round then cut 10 circles of my home dec fabric.  That's a front and back for five hot pads!  Next I used the same template to cut 5 circles of batting and 10 circles of the heat resistant fabric...found mine in Hancock's Fabric, but I'm sure most any craft or fabric store has it. 

The stacking order for each layer is important:
  • Top of hot pad - Right Side UP
  • Bottom of hot pad - Right Side DOWN
  • Heat resistant fabric - Right Side DOWN
  • Batting
  • Heat resistant fabric - Right Side UP

Pin all layers together.

and with a 1/2" seam allowance, back-stitching at beginning and end, stitch, leaving a 2" opening for turning.   I then trim away the excess batting and clip the curves for a flatter seam after it's turned. 

Now, peak inside the opening and find the front and back, separate and turn in between these two layers.    You REallY  want your front and back of the hot pad to be on the front and the back! 

Pin the little opening and stitch by hand or do it my way and stitch it closed while doing the quilting.  I used bright thread and wiggle waggle quilting lines on each one.   If you want a tab, you could insert one in the opening before stitching closed.  I normally don't put tabs on my hot pads since they are kept in the kitchen drawer, out of sight, not hung. 


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