A road trip back in time ~

We took a few days off - a road trip to Natchitoches, Louisiana, where they are gearing up for their 300th anniversary.  It was a trip back in time.  Our close friends moved away a couple of years ago, so this was our first trip back since their move.  Things haven't changed much, but it was still nice to re-visit a beautiful town and countryside where history abounds. 

Church outside Natchitoches, Louisiana
We were going to Melrose Plantation and stopped at this church for a picture and a prayer. 

Outbuilding on Melrose Plantation

On the road at P. Phano Prudhomme general store

What once was the gas pumps at P. Phano Prudhomme General Store ~ now closed!

Blue Door
Blue door at Melrose Plantation

Shuttered and Barred:  The Roque House on Cane River Lake

Shuttered and Barred at the Roque House on Cane River Lake in Natchitoches, Louisiana

Wrought iron fence surrounding family cemetery plot
 Seems that every family has a cemetery plot....many surrounded by these old wrought iron fences.

Cane River Lake, Natchitoches, Louisiana

The Cane River was formed when the Red River flooded and took another direction: 
 What a beauty it is. 

Broken Cross

Levy-East House Carriage House

All that remains after the fire that destroyed the Levy-East House Bed and Breakfast....the carriage house.   Thankfully it wasn't damaged and remains on the property as a remembrance of what once was and what might have been. 

On the Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast front porch
 A place to sit a spell on the Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast front porch.  And we did!

May, 2013

I could not resist making my May desktop calendar using this picture I took of the ancient live oak tree with limbs so long and heavy, they bent to the ground. 


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